Ultrasonic Technology of Immunomagnetic Microspheres Fabrication

V.Koltovich (Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk, Belarus); J.J.Lysenko, A.N.Dezhkunov, G.Ja.Khulup, V.I.Bandurco (Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Minsk, Belarus)

e-mail: dnv@bsuir.edu.by

The use of suspensions of particles of polimer material with magnetic fraction (immunomagnetic microspheres) in medicine and biotechnology increases rapidly during last years.  In this work the application of ultrasound in the technology of immunomagnetic microspheres fabrication have been studied. A concave piezoceramic transducer, radius of curvature 50 mm, diameter 40 mm was used to generate ultrasound field at 880 kHz. The piezoceramic transducer with a wave-guide, 15 mm diameter of the radiating surface, was used to generate ultrasound at 21.7 kHz. Experiments were performed at variable intensities of ultrasound in conditions of pulsed and continuous sonification.  Ultrasound was used at following stages of the process: emulsification of liguid materials, dispergation of magnetite, polymerization of emulsions. It has been shown that microspheres fabricated in an ultrasound field are normally much smaller in size than particles fabricated without ultrasound and stability of their dispersions in liquids are increased up to 3 times dependently on the regimes of sonification. Maximal effect have been achieved by using combined field generated by simultaneously operated high frequency (880 kHz) and low frequency (21.7 kHz) transducers.


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