Ultrasonic Methods of Preparation of Powder Materials for Composite Production

G.Prokopenko, B.N.Mordyuk, A.E.Perekos (G.V.Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine)

e-mail: prokop@imp.kiev.ua

The ultrasonic grinding mill is designed. Three mechanisms of effect on powders can be realized in ultrasonic grinding mill : effect of ultrasonic vibrations; mechanism of shock ultrasonic treatment (with free working elements); effect of ultrasonic cavitation. The complex of these effects allows to make accelerated (1.10 hours) mincing, mixing and mechanical alloying of powder mixtures. For matching - at a customary mechanical alloying in planetary grinding mill the score of a run time goes for day (50.200 hours). The optimum regimes of ultrasonic treatment of powders are determined, namely power and duration of processing, different liquids (ethyl spirit, glycerin, acetone, water), spacing coefficient of the chamber for processing by spheres, energetic tensity and temperature in the chamber, influencing of hydrostatic pressure increasing. The possibility of modifying of a surface of powder materials for improvement of their wettings by metals melts or for improvement sintering in ultrasonic field is investigated (in installation designed by us). The capability of obtaining of solid solutions CuNiFe and CuNi after ultrasonic milling is shown and their magnetic properties are studied.


Section : 11