Ultrasonic Formation of the Matirials of Different Physics-Chemical Nature

F.Legusha, S.I.Pugachev, N.G.Semenova (St. Petersburg State Marine University, St. Petersburg, Russia)

e-mail: legusha@smtu.ru

Analitical and technological processes of ultrasonic formation of the products of finely dispersed non-metallic powders:lead zirconate-titanate piezoelectric elements and zinc oxide varistors as well as products from diffrent wood (birch, asp, pine, etc.) are under consideration in the context of the common physics mechanism. The prime point of the suggested mechanism is the presence of the three-dimensional field  of the acoustic oscillations in the oscillating system incorporating the mold and working medium. The developed analytical approach is extended to the specific cases of the complex-shape ceramic products: piezoctramic and zinc oxide large-diametr (big-size) liscs and thin-well piezoctramic cylinders.

As applied to the products  of the kinds  of wood mentioned above the process of realizing of the pressed cylindrical samples with the increased values of the physics-chemical parameters is considered. The process allows to extend the region of the use of the wood iv idustry.



Section : 11