The Low Frequency Radiator for Processes Intensification

Y.Borisov, M.A.Mironov (Theoretical Laboratory, N.N.Andreev Acoustics Institute, Moscow, Russia)

e-mail: mironov@akin.ru

The piston radiator with frequency 25 - 50 Hz for acoustic fields generation in gases with levels 110 - 140 dB in tubes and closed volumes is designed. The efficiency of the radiator exceeds 50 %. The high efficiency is reached due to elimination of piston sealing rings that determined the basic losses in a conventional design. The acoustic choking of a gap between the piston and a cylinder is provided with inertia and viscosity of a working gas in a gap. The role of non-linear effects in operation of the radiator, capabilities of extremal levels achievement and control of a sound field structure is discussed.


Section : 11