Abstract (Invited)


The Effect of Ultrasound on Particulate Matter, Especially Micro-Organisms in Complex Water and Waste Water Media

U.Neis (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Hamburg, Germany)

e-mail: neis@tuhh.de

Surface waters to be used as resource for drinking water, waste waters and sludges produced in treatment processes are very complex media containing soluble, colloidal and particulate matter. Apart from inert or dead matter the colloidal and particulate phase is mainly composed by organic bio-particles (viruses, bacteria, protozoa). Treatment processes like disinfection of potable water, hygienisation of sewage treatment plant effluents or anaerobic sludge stabilisation aim at reducing or inactivating bio-particles. Since recently we use power ultrasound in practice to intensify these processes. Research was conducted to quantify the effects of power ultrasound frequency, intensity and dose. Based on these results ultrasound reactor design was modified but still has to be optimised.


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