Optimization of Long Low-Sized Silted Objects Search at Parametric Survey of Sea Bottom

A.I.Gonchar, L.I.Shlychek, I.M.Pisanko (Scientific & Engineering Centre for Panoramic Acoustical Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)

e-mail: cpas@zp.ukrtel.net

The problem of hydroacoustic location of long low-sized silted objects using parametric means of bottom survey is investigated. Silted objects are simulated as impedance or elastic cylindrical inhomogeneities at series of natural bottom formations: from half-space up to multi-layer structures of not consolidated sea sediments. Solution of direct problem of hydroacoustics allows (on the basis of the computated amplitudes of echo-signals) developing a technique of optimal selection of difference frequency at practical search of the silted objects with pre-given properties. The questions of low-sized silted objects search using local resonances and also problem of synchronization between resonant formations in bottom structures are discussed.


Section : 6