On Dug a Nonlinear Interaction of Low Frequensy Sound Waves From the Broadband Source Under Their Anomalous Spreading on Shalow Water

V.A.Gordienko, E.L.Gordienko (Department of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)

e-mail: vgord7746@mail.ru

Results of experimental studies, conducted in the coast area of the Pacific ocean and founding subsequently acknowledgement for shallow water areas of ocean other coast areas of more, have shown that possible generating an acoustic energy in the shallow water under the influence of the source of the sound, basing in the air on the surface of water with following its spreading on horizontal direction with small fading on comparatively greater distances. In work are considered some regularities of such excitement and spreading a low frequency sound. Shown that the most essential role in the manifestation of discovered regularities play resonant pumping of energy in layer, effects of nonlinear interaction of sound bunches with close frequencies (parametric reinforcement) and origin herewith sufficiently intensive, spreading along borders of section water-soil of wave with the elliptical path of moving the particles of ambience in vertical planes, seizing end on the thickness general area in water and soil, as well as focusing to the account corresponding sufficiently strong gradient of velocity of sound in ground sedimentary sorts.


Section : 6