Nonlinear Standing Waves in an Acoustical Resonator with the Longitudinal Mean Temperature Distribution

M.Cervenka, M.Bednarik, P.Konicek (Department of Physics, FEE-Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic)

e-mail: cervenm3@feld.cvut.cz

This paper deals with the problem of nonlinear standing waves in the axisymmetrically shaped acoustic resonators where a mean temperature is distributed along their axis. The mean temperature distribution can be caused by state changes due to a mean pressure and a density changeover, further due to conversion of an acoustic energy into heat due to the viscous losses. The one-dimensional model equation for nonlinear standing waves of the 2-nd order including a viscous boundary layer is modified to take into account a longitudinal distribution of mean temperature. The mean temperature distribution caused by the state change in an acoustical resonator is estimated using the state equation. The mean temperature changes are considered to be small. The model equation is solved numerically in frequency domain.


Section : 1