Investigation Into Metalsí Plastic Deformation Processes in Presence of Ultrasound

V.Klubovich, V.A.Bulavin, V.N.Sakevich (Institute of Technical Acoustics, Vitebsk, Belarus)

e-mail: ita@vitebsk.by

The most effective regimes during plastic deformation of metals in the presence of ultrasound are vibroimpact regimes. Tasks of stamping, forging and drawing are solved on the basis of non-linear dynamic characteristics of ultrasonic technological processes. The process of ultrasonic stamping of the point of surgical atraumatic microneedles using an intermediate striker is experimentally and theoretically studied. On the basis of a rigid-plastic approximation of the experimental diagram of quasistatic deformation of a microneedle and a theoretical analysis of vibroimpact oscillations of the intermediate striker, optimum parameters of the process have been determined. Experimental investigations of the process of ultrasonic vibrating of a cutting edge of special-purpose knives were carried out. The processes of drawing and stamping in ultrasonic vibration systems with a mobile tool having no rigid connection to an ultrasonic transducer and possessing a low natural frequency in comparison with the frequency of ultrasound are investigated using the methods of the theory of metal treatment by pressure and the theory of vibroimpact systems A device that allows one to execute the tuning for the steady most productive periodic regime of treatment has been developed.



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