Influences of a Boundary Layer on Nonlinear Standing Waves in Closed Cylindrical Resonators

M.Bednarik, P.Konicek, M.Cervenka (Department of Physics, FEE-Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic)

e-mail: bednarik@fel.cvut.cz

The paper deals with study of a boundary layer influence on nonlinear standing waves in closed  cylindrical resonators.The boundary layer causes low-frequency attenuation, dispersion and  diffraction of standing waves. In correspondence with the second-order nonlinear theory,  standing waves can be represented as a superposition of simple waves propagating  in opposite directions. In this case we can describe nonlinear standing plane waves by  the inhomogenous generalized Burgers equation (GBE). Limits of validity of the inhomogenous  GBE is discussed in the paper. The boundary layer influence on Q-factor is demonstrated by  means of new approximate solutions of the homogenous GBE for free oscillations.


Section : 1