Improvement of Methods and Means of Nonlinear Acoustics for Diagnostics of Concrete of Massive Items, Constructions and Structures

J.Serikov (Kharkov State Academy of Municipal Economy, Kharkov, Ukraine)

e-mail: grimmy@torba.com

For want of distribution of elastic waves in a medium have heterogeneity (located defects, stratification, crack) the performances of an information signal, for example, velocity of distribution, amplitude, spectral component can change the parameters [1]. The degree reaction of these performances on such heterogeneities depends, in particular, on a wavelength of a sounding signal.  The solution of the delivered problem consist of development of an adaptive technique and equipment based on nonlinear acoustics, adapted to physics-mechanical properties of concrete, to sizes it of prospective structural heterogeneities. The entity of a technique consists of a radiation of an acoustic signal of the certain frequency with use piezoeffect and reception of information signals in a number of points distributed on square of a researched item. The calculation of sizes of defect, depth and location of a plane of a stratification of concrete of massive constructions is made through a number of performances of accepted signals. These performances are treated on the specially developed algorithm. The important element of the developed technique is the elemination of necessity of drilling auxiliary shpurs for realization of measurements [2].  References: 1. Truell R., Elbaum Ch., Chik. Ultrasonic methods in physics of a rigid body. M.: Mir, 1972.  2. A.S. USSR No 1413516. The device for quality control of materials, by Serikov J.A., Serikov S.J, and Boguslavski M.E.


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