Hydrodynamic Sound Generation and Intensification Problem of Some Technological Processes in Power Acoustic Fields

A.F.Nazarenko, A.A.Nazarenko (Odessa State Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine)

e-mail: kostrova@ospu.odessa.ua

Several methods of the generation of acoustic vibrations in liquid media and at the liquid-solid interface are known. One of the promising techniques is a method based on controlled formation of axisymmetric localized cavitation region and periodic explosion-like emission of its contents into the ambient space. A model of such a process of the generation of vibrations has been proposed, and a transcendental dispersion equation that made it possible to determine a dependence of the main frequency of generated vibrations on geometrical and hydrodynamic parameters of a radiating system has been analytically obtained. An acceptable agreement of the results of theoretical and experimental studies is shown. These investigations made it possible to develop a system of hydrodynamic sources of acoustic vibrations in which the part of the energy of an axisymmetric submerged jet of liquid is directly converted to the energy of acoustic waves. At that, the jet itself simultaneously acts as a source of acoustic vibrations and an object of insonification. Such radiating systems are highly effective for the intensification of different physicochemical processes (dispersion, purification, emulsification, etc.) in the field of conventional technologies. Besides, they can be also used in the area of nanotechnologies for producing superfine coatings.



Section : 11