Features of Acoustic Emission in Rock Salts Conditioned by Nonlinearity of Its Properties

A.S.Voznesensky (Moscow State Mining University, Moscow, Russia); M.N.Tavostin, Yu.L.Filimonov (Podzemgazprom Ltd, Moscow, Russia)

e-mail: al48@mail.ru

The transient time of acoustic emission (AE) activity versus stresses were investigated under a step loading of salt specimen in uni- and triaxial compression conditions. It was obtained that the transient time of acoustic emission activity depends on stresses. On increasing of the axial stress this time interval at first increases, then it decreases on them and then increasing occurs again. The experiments carried out under side stresses 5 MPa showed that in this case this dependence takes place. This phenomenon is conditioned by non-linear mechanical properties of rock-salt in the condition of maximum seal. The investigation results of acoustic emission activity and other AE-parameters are discussed in this paper.


Section : 3