Experimental Investigation of Spur-Gear Transmissions in Earth Moving Transport Machines

V.A.Zhulai, R.Ibrahim, Y.Hamdan (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Voronezh, Russia)

e-mail: zhulai@vgasa.voronezh.su

Vibration and noise radiating by technological machines of the road traffic complex during its normal operation are primarily caused by impact loads in spur-gear transmissions. The conducted experimental investigation of acoustic vibration in metal construction of a motor grader balance beam allowed one to obtaine the discrete data of the stochastic process of acceleration changes in several control points. The findings have confirmed the hypothesis that the stochastic process of web vibration is a sum of random noise and the consequence of separate damped vibrations, resulting in spur-gear transmissions subjected to the impact impulses. It has been demonstrated that during the research of vibroacoustic oscillation the analysis of speed changes obtained by the numerical integration of vibrational acceleration when investigating acoustic vibration in the medium frequency band (up to 10 kHz) turned out to be more informative. The experimental dependences of the main statistic characteristics of acoustic vibration as a function of speed of the gear reducer pivotal element are explored. The continuous energy spectrum of the metal construction in the motor grader balance beam are found.


Section : 11