Abstract (Invited)


Collective Nonlinear Phenomena in Ensembles of Coupled Acoustic Monopoles

L.A.Ostrovsky (ZelTechnology/NOAA ETL and Institute of Applied Physics, Boulder, Colorado, USA); Yu.A.Kobelev, I.A.Soustova (Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

e-mail: Lev.A.Ostrovsky@noaa.gov

A review of the effects associated with collective behavior of nonlinear monopole oscillators  (e.g., bubbles) with different mechanisms of their interaction is given. Two main types of  processes are considered:  1. Collective motions due to averaged interaction such as Bjerknes force;  2. Generation of a coherent field due to instability of incoherently excited  classical monopoles with both dissipative and reactive ("Hamiltonian") coupling.  Some preliminary experiments and experimental possibilities are discussed, as well as  unsolved problems.


Section : 4