Cavitation and Acoustic-Hydrodynamic Phenomena in Nearest (Erosional) and Further (Non-Erosional) Zones of Power Ultrasonic Field

L.Makarov (Moscow Automobile and Road Institute, Moscow, Russia)

e-mail: rvl@lefmo.madi.ru

It is well-known that the zone of effective erosion of power ultrasonic radiators is no more than 40 mm width. The subject of this investigation is the possibility of creation of strong cavitation outside this zone, e.g. at the distance up to 150 mm from the radiator. The effect is provided by application of low-amplitude ultrasonic vibrations from the second radiator with power not exceeding 10% of the high-amplitude radiator. This effect is proved by experiments and realized in scale models of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.




Section : 11