Application of Power Ultrasonics in Composite Materials Production Technologies

B.Mordyuk, G.I.Prokopenko (G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine)

e-mail: prokop@imp.kiev.ua

The physical backgrounds of composite materials production in ultrasonic field are discussing. The three directions of application of power ultrasonics in of composite materials manufacturing technologies are emphasized: combine deformation of heterogeneous materials in ultrasonic field; combination of ultrasonic technologies with powder metallurgy methods; crystallization in ultrasonic field. It is determined a number of physical phenomena arising during ultrasonic action that provide the advantages of ultrasonic technologies of composite production. The activation of diffusion and mass-transfer processes, initialization of solid phase reactions occur in metals in ultrasonic field and during ultrasonic cavitation treatment. The schemes of ultrasonic equipment for drawing, flattering and pressing; for milling, mixing and compacting of powders in ultrasonic field; for crystallization in ultrasonic and centrifugal fields are shown. The results of investigated physical and functional properties of composite materials produced by several ultrasonic technologies are presented. There are unidirectional composite Fe-Cu after drawing with ultrasound; CuNiFe solid solution formation after ultrasonic milling; phase transformation of Fe4N after ultrasonic milling; Zn-Pb composite after crystallization in ultrasonic and centrifugal fields and other examples.


Section : 11