Advanced Observation and Modeling of Acoustic Cavitation Structures

R.Mettin, W.Lauterborn, D.Krefting, P.Koch (Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Goettingen University, Goettingen, Germany); J.Appel (Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Goettingen University, Germany)

e-mail: R.Mettin@physik3.gwdg.de

High power input of ultrasound to liquids causes acoustic cavitation. In typical resonator set-ups, the cavitation bubbles form dynamic structures that result in an inhomogeneous bubble distribution. The pattern formation processes are still not completely understood, and a detailed observation requires fast recording facilities. The talk presents recent results from high-speed recordings of acoustic cavitation bubble structures in different resonator cells and tries to explain and simulate some of the observed pictures by a particle approach.


Section : 4