Acoustic Currents and Whirlwinds in Helmgoltz Resonators

V.M.Shahparonov, D.A.Kuvshinov (Department of Oscillation Physics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)

e-mail: shahp@phys.msu.su

Supervision of acoustic currents and whirlwinds in single Helmholts resonators under the influence of an intensive sound on resonant frequences  is considered. Earlier Rzevkin and Velikzanina  investigated Helmholtz resonator as a resonant sound absorber, later Rudenko, Khirnikh and Dudkin and then Rudenko and Khinikh investigated nonlinear properties of Helmholtz resonator and currents in it were considered. We studied a configuration of acoustic currents in Helmholtz resonators on its own resonant frequency. The air stream is involved in the resonator along the internal surface of the intake tube  and goes out along the longitudinal  axis of the same resonator's tube. In the cavity of the resonator near the bottom of intake tube the toroidal whirlwind streamline is created by an air stream. It is necessary to note that the same stream is observed at a small tube of the resonator which is located on the opposite side of the resonator's cavity.


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